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White Gate Farm occupies 100 acres of East Lyme, in the Southeastern corner of Connecticut.

Organic Vegetables at White Gate Farm

The landscape is quintessential New England. Shaped by glaciers, it features small hills, outcroppings, ponds and a lake. Some of the once-cleared fields have grown back into wood lots. We have five fields that we keep open. For decades, several of these produced hay for local farms.

White Gate Farm

Glacial deposit resulted in a famous Connecticut crop: stones. White Gate Farmís share of this bonanza forms approximately one mile of picturesque walls that have probably been in place since the 1700's. In the 1940's and '50's the farm had a dairy operation called White Gate Farms.

A former icehouse sits on Pattagansett Lake. Now updated, this structure at one time was used to store blocks of ice cut from the lake for delivery to ice boxes in homes in the area.

Ariana the Alpaca at White Gate Farm

Ruth Lord purchased White Gate Farm in 1975. In 1999 her daughter and son-in-law, Pauline Lord and David Harlow, moved from California to create the farm business, which has been certified organic since 2000. Three of the farm's acres are now used for growing organic produce, for pasturing organic turkeys, meat chickens and laying hens, and for raising organic flowers.

We sell our products directly from the farm at our year-round farm stand. We also sell to several local restaurants. Contact us to receive periodic email alerts about what's new in the farm stand.

Organic spinach at White Gate Farm

Our Mission

White Gate Farm's mission is to provide healthy, delicious and beautiful food and to strengthen the ties between consumers, their food, and the farms that produce it.